The Pros and Cons of Room Additions

Room additions seem like a daunting undertaking when considering home improvement strategies. Trying to estimate costs, weighing the advantages and disadvantages, as well as risks and materials needed, getting a room added to your home is not a decision you can come to easily. However, one thing is for sure, room additions open up so many opportunities. Not to fret, as here are the pros and cons of adding a room to homes.

CON: It will take long to finish

Of course, adding a whole new room to your already constructed and established home is a mammoth and grueling task. It will take months to design and execute the building plans, so it is important to take that factor into consideration.

PRO: No Need to Move Away

Of course, planning to move out due to lack of space means going away from a home you and your loved ones are already so familiar with. The aftermath of moving, such as making new friends, finding new schools, stores etc. can be avoided by remodeling your residential and adding a room.

PRO: Less Costlier Than Changing Homes

Instead of spending more money on a whole new abode, you can save money by opting for a room addition in the case of a growing family or any other needs that you want to meet.

CON: Messy venture

Adding an entire room to your home is, of course, going to be months of messes created, as well as a noisy venture with construction people constantly in and out of the house.

PRO: Increases resale value

You may not be planning to move out anytime soon, however, in the future, the need may come. Getting a room added will help you at the time of reselling, as you will have added more square footage to your property.

Infinity Construction is the perfect company to approach if you are considering getting a room added to your residential, as they are extremely experienced, and also offer free estimations to keep you in the light the entire time.  

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Alternative Attics for your Los Angeles Home

What do you keep in your attic? Boxes? Old Clothes? Most people use their attics for storage purposes, but that seems like a waste of space especially in home in Los Angeles where square footage is gold!

If you’ve been considering a renovation project for your home, why not transform that attic into a day room, a spare bedroom or even into that walk in closet you’ve always dreamed of. Depending on the size of your attic, the sky is the limit!

You will need to have the attic refinished to protect from harsh weather conditions, but it will definitely be worth the investment when you have an extra room in your house. The cost of an attic renovation will be much less than that of a room addition.

See below for some of our favorite attic renovation ideas.

If you have the space why not turn your attic into a bedroom? Add some windows and you’ve got yourself a nice little getaway.


Imagine lounging on this hammock?


You can turn your attic into a spacious home office. No need to give up a bedroom for it!


A bed, a tub, lots of light. Simplicity at its best.


Transform your attic into a small loft guest bedroom.


GASP! A walk-in closet at a fraction of the cost of a new room addition.



Did you transform your attic into a functioning room in your house? Tell us about it!




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How Does a Room Addition Work: Construction

For those homeowners who are involved in an extensive renovation or remodeling project, room additions and improvements are certainly a consideration when adding more living space is necessary to accommodate a growing family. When building a room addition, patience and careful planning will always ensure a successful outcome.

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Hiring the right contractor for your home remodeling

What are the essentials of a qualified home remodeling contractor? How does he improve your home? Well, it is something that has more profoundness attached to it. Here, the proverb “Don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to a great extent since just a good-looking contractor is not enough. In fact, you should dig in lot of details in order to ensure that your precious money is being well spent.

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