Theme Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Theme Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Theme Bathroom Remodeling Ideas:
Whether looking to renovate a master bathroom, kids’ bathroom, spare bathroom, or powder room, incorporating a theme is always a fun and unique way to do it. Check out a few theme bathroom remodeling ideas to discuss with your Encino bathroom remodeling experts:

Grass and Trees

An unorthodox bathroom theme, “grass and tree” promotes nature, and looks especially amazing in a cabin or other vacation home. The ‘grass’ is the carpeting or tile, while the ‘trees’ are in the wallpaper, and may also extend to the shower curtain, if applicable. Add a few other natural touches, such as various pieces of bird/animal decor.

Day at the Beach

While nautical-themed bathrooms aren’t exactly original, you can still create an unusual bathroom with an ocean-tastic mural. Employ a talented friend or professional if you can’t make the mural yourself, and request a beach theme, such as sand dunes overlooking the ocean. The mural could also include a beach umbrella, beach totes, seashells, crabs, or anything else you’d like to add.

Fun House

Want all who enter your bathroom to come out and say, “Wow, that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in a bathroom before!” Then make the room like a traveling circus funhouse. Use darker versions of favorite colors, such as dark blue and red, to evoke the “creepy” theme that accompanies so many fun houses, as well as images typically associated with the attraction, such as clowns, giant people and animals, bearded women, and whatever else you want to throw in. A mural is again the best idea for this option, though you can also look for wallpaper.


Obsessed with all things vintage? Use it to redecorate your bathroom. Claw tubs are a great place to start, while antique mirrors, black and white tile, and antique vanities complete the look. Add any vintage or antique wall decor that’s appropriate as well.

Discuss these and other bathroom themes with your Encino bathroom remodeling experts!

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