The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in a home. It is a place where function, family, and style meet. Here are some kitchen renovation tips to help you with your kitchen makeover in 2014.

Kitchen Makeover Appliances

The Refrigerator

When choosing a new refrigerator it is important to pick a model that will give you ample space, be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Samsung Refrigerator

Stove and Oven

There are so many new high tech stove and oven options these days you will have a lot of options to choose from for your kitchen makeover in 2014. There are electric and gas options with many kinds of ranges as well.

Verona Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range


Installing new cabinets can change the look of your entire kitchen. You want to go with cabinets that will give you more space, but style is also an important factor to consider.

Kitchen Cabinets

The Dishwasher

Have you been washing all of your dishes by hand? Installing a dishwasher can greatly improve the efficiency and overall cleanliness of your kitchen. Replacing and updating an outdated or faulty dishwasher can also make a huge difference.

Dishwasher | Fisher Paykel

Trash Compactor

Is having an environmentally friendly kitchen a goal for your kitchen makeover in 2014? Try installing a trash compactor, it’ll be easy on the environment and easy on your wallet not having to buy as many trash bags.

Trash Compactor

Garbage Disposal

Adding a garbage disposal to your sink can make cooking and cleaning much easier.

Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Island

Need more work or eating space in your kitchen? Consider adding an island to make the best of the space you already have. Experiment with different types of countertops to create your own unique style.

Kitchen Island

Small Appliances

Buying small appliances can improve the overall functionality of your kitchen. Consider adding a blender, juicer, bread maker, toaster or convection oven, or a slow cooker to your kitchen collection.

Small Appliances | Keurig


Installing overhead fans above your cooking space can improve the air quality in your kitchen.

Ceiling Fan | Kitchen


Revamping your overhead lighting, with pin lights for example, can improve the look of your kitchen and can also make cooking easier.

Track Lighting Kit

Your kitchen can be the center of your home life and it is important to make sure it is up to date. Hopefully this advice will be useful to you during your kitchen renovations.

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