With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to remodel your bathroom. Get rid of that stale, white bathroom and bring in a fresh, clean space to enjoy for years to come. Everyone wants their bathroom to feel like their own personal spa!

So Precise Home Builders surveyed its staff of designers, architects, and contractors to get 10 ways the average homeowner could freshen up their bathroom in time for Spring 2014.Bathroom Remodeling Sandstone and Taupe

10. Fresh Paint

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to freshen your bathroom is to give it a new coat of paint. Clean doesn’t always have to be white, though! Consider a soft, bright color to bring in the blossoms of spring like lilac, a creamy butter yellow or powder blue. Contrast is also big this year, especially in Los Angeles. There are so many paint colors to choose from; grab a few paint chips and get ready to roll!

9. New Towels and Rugs

A new set of hand towels and rugs are a great way to change the feel of your bathroom. Choose a coordinating set that make your bathroom feel welcoming and bright to your guests. This would be a great time to pick up a new shower curtain, or see the next tip.

8. Exchange the Shower Door for a Curtain (or Vice Versa)

If you have a dated glass shower door, consider changing it out for a shower curtain. With so many prints and solids to choose from, a shower curtain can really change the look and feel of your bathroom. The opposite is also true, if you hate the shower curtain, look into installing a beautiful glass sliding door.

7. Get a New Shower Head

One of the easiest ways to make your shower feel brand new is to replace the old shower head. There are a variety of styles and functions to choose from these days. Consider a rain shower head for a spa-like experience that will give your bathroom a spring vibe.Old Bathroom Faucet

6. Replace the Tub Surround

Sometimes your tub surround starts to get dingy, peel away at the seams and make a bathroom feel more dated than it truly is. Consider replacing it with a seamless model or have your tub tiled. Great tiling is timeless and really packs a design punch.

5. Reseal the Tub

While we’re on the subject of the tub, if the seal is moldy, peeling or sunken in, it’s time to pull it out and replace it! This is a very easy way to give your tub a fresh, new look.

4. Tile the Floor

Linoleum only holds up for so long under the constant stress of use in a bathroom. Consider tiling the floor to give it a fresh life. Consider some matte colors to give your flooring a pop of contrast.bathroom tile

3. Replace the Sink and Counter

If mold or a dingy sink makes you run for the hills instead of brush your teeth, replace it! There are many modern seamless designs that may resist mold by inhibiting where it can grow. Check your faucets, too. New faucets can completely change the look of a bathroom.

2. Replace the Cabinetry

After doing all the other updates, you can’t have shabby cabinets. Replace them if they no longer work in the space. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be amazed what a coat of paint can do to refurbish your cabinets. Also think about replacing the hardware on your cabinets. An inexpensive set of brass hardware for your cabinets can take your cabinets from old to hip in minutes.

1. Check the Toilet

Last, but definitely not least, check the toilet for any needed repairs. Give it a thorough cleaning and replace it with a water efficient model if necessary.

Spring is the season for change and following these tips in your bathroom remodel will give you a fresh space ready to be used anew!

If small updates just won’t cut it anymore call Precise Home Builders. Precise Home Builders specializes in 12 day bathroom remodeling and has options for every budget. Call (800) 805-0692 for a free estimate today!