KIT THEMESHave your heart set on renovating your kitchen, and know you want to incorporate an interesting theme? Then check out a few unique ideas before sitting down with your favorite kitchen renovation specialist in Woodland Hills:

Victorian/Steampunk Kitchen

Love the steampunk look? Obsessed with Victorian-era antiques? Consider a kitchen featuring lots of cog-and-wheel-type embellishments, as well as vintage-style appliances, ornate, intricate range hoods, and anything else you’d like to add. The steampunk look is highly popular, and infusing the style into your kitchen is an ideal way to pay homage to the trend.

Country Kitchen

Whether designing a country kitchen for a rustic vacation lodge or a contemporary home, such themes are always warm and inviting. Wooden cabinets and furniture along with hardwood flooring are great starts to this theme, as is a wood-burning stove if you can get your paws on one. Red-checkered tablecloths and curtains are another classic country kitchen staple, while touches such as rooster knick knacks also help. Fresh flowers and herbs are yet another way to add a country touch to your kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen

Interested in embracing the minimalist lifestyle? Use the concept to make over your kitchen. A cost-effective theme option, all you need is the basics–a table and chairs if there’s room, a few choice appliances and other kitchen tools–and that’s pretty much it. Paint the walls white if you dare, since the kitchen is a “spill center,” or go for a muted gray or tan.

Feng Shui Kitchen

Creating a feng shui kitchen requires paying close attention to where everything goes, and like a minimalist kitchen it cannot feature a ton of clutter. Yellow is believed to be a good color for a feng shui kitchen, and make sure any other colors you choose blend well with your chosen shade of this vibrant color. “Living” features, such as plants and herbs on the windowsills, bring “uplifting energy” to the room, while you’ll also want to create an open, airy, welcoming space.

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