SAVE SPLURGESure, you can spend as much as you want on kitchen renovations if you have an unlimited budget, but like most people you probably have a spending limit. It’s therefore a good idea to think about what kitchen items and touches you want to splurge on, and which you want to save on. Check out a few helpful hints courtesy of Sherman Oaks kitchen renovation specialists:

Windows and Lighting

Rather than spending a small fortune on light fixtures, splurge on big windows and let the sun light up your kitchen. Lighting in a kitchen is always important, and spending money on high-quality, energy-efficient awning windows complete with beautiful hardware is money well spent. Quality windows won’t need replacing for many years, and help you save on energy costs. Find a few fixtures you like that don’t cost a proverbial arm and leg and enjoy natural light streaming through your kitchen.


The floor in your kitchen endures a lot, from spills and other messes to simply being a high-traffic area of the home. Unless you have a tiny, tiny kitchen, flooring costs add up quickly. Thankfully there’s plenty of attractive yet inexpensive kitchen flooring options, including bamboo, vinyl, reclaimed wood, engineered cork, and more. Save on flooring and put your money into other areas of the kitchen!

Faucet and Sink

Don’t concern yourself with expensive faucets, as Amazon and many home good sites frequently feature sales on appealing versions of this oft-used appliance. Save on the faucet, and splurge on the sink, such as a stunning stainless steel option. Sinks are much more difficult and expensive to replace than faucets, so it makes sense to spend a little extra on a quality sink guaranteed to last for years.

Oven and Stove

Since the oven is arguably the least-used appliance in the kitchen, it’s not the best idea to spend a lot on it, unless you love to bake. Spend a minimal amount of money on the oven, and instead invest in a nice stove.

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