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Since 1987, our bathroom remodeling Torrance experts have been helping make bathrooms beautiful. Torrance, California is one of safest cities in Los Angeles and it is a favorite among the staff of Precise Home Builders. Torrance is a great place to buy your first home. Torrance is the kind of community where you can settle down and raise a family. But Torrance does lack the sex appeal and excitement of neighboring communities like Manhattan Beach. That doesn’t mean your life in Torrance has to be boring and your home certainly does not have to be boring.

Precise Home Builders is dedicated to making your home in Torrance as interesting as you are. So we collected some suggestions to take your bathroom from passé to stylish. We are unique among bathroom remodeling Torrance companies. We have our own design team and our own in-house architects that can design a perfect bathroom for you, and we have an in-house team of craftsmen that can build a dream bathroom for you.

Can a Bathroom Remodel Be Colorful?

A bathroom remodel can definitely be colorful , and our bathroom remodeling Torrance team can show you how. Go stick your head in your bathroom and yell out the first color you see. A betting man would wager that you just yelled out, White! White is the most common color scheme for a bathroom, but white is also a bit boring, so why not paint? A fresh coat of paint can take that boring bathroom and make it lively again. Think in shades of blue, green, and earth tones. Feeling really bold? A well placed touch of black can give your boring bathroom a bold edge.

Our bathroom remodeling Torrance design team can help you pick the perfect shade for your bathroom walls. Whether you want something in bold black and white, or something in warm earth tones, or even the traditional egg shell white Precise Home Builders can make it happen.

What Is the Best Type of Wallpaper for a Bathroom Remodel?

The best type of wallpaper for a bathroom remodel is often something color and unexpected, our bathroom remodeling Torrance experts say. Bathrooms often present an opportunity to use bright or wild wallpaper patterns. `Wallpaper that would like terrible in your living room can look amazing in your bathroom.

Our bathroom remodeling Torrance team are experts at accenting your bathroom with the right wallpaper. We are also experts at installing everything from fixtures to wallpaper, so you can rest assured that your bathroom renovation will be done right the first time.

Where Can I Find Someone to Design My Bathroom Remodel

You have already found someone to design your bathroom remodel; our bathroom remodeling Torrance team is skilled at design and construction. Precise Home Builders combines design, style, and quality construction techniques to bring you the best bathroom makeover you will ever experience.
We offer:

  • Bathroom Remodeling in 12 Days or Less.
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  • Dedicated Project Managers for all Bathroom Renovations
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Precise Home Builders should be the first and only choice when it comes to bathroom makeovers. Find out what twenty five years of experience and a dedication to design can do for you. Call us today to arrange a free estimate and appointment.

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