KID BATHROOM IDEASWhether you are renovating a bathroom in preparation for a small bundle of joy or simply need to make adjustments to accommodate your current brood, check out a few kid-friendly bathroom ideas courtesy of your home renovation experts in Woodland Hills:

Extra Step

Rather than making a permanent change to your bathroom sink, add a pull-out step to the bottom of the vanity, or keep a small, sturdy stool on hand for children to use. The addition of a step or stool makes it easy for kids to reach the sink as opposed to standing on tippy-toes.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Maintain a slip-free bathroom by installing textured floor tiling little feet can easily grip. For best results, test tile before purchasing to make certain it doesn’t get super-slippery when wet. Larger tiles are frequently recommended for kiddie bathrooms, and also mean less grout to clean.

Low Towel Racks and Hooks

Towel racks and hooks are often placed high on walls, so consider adding a low towel rack that’s easy for children to reach. This helps children learn that putting things in their proper place when they’re finished with them is important. Hooks are also easier for children to use than bars, so choose a rack featuring the former rather than the latter.

Accessible Storage Space

Bath toys and other bathroom belongings go in storage spaces, not strewn about on counter tops. Use oversized bins children can easily dig into to keep toys and other items in one place.

Easy-to-Handle Hardware

Have D-handle drawer pulls installed, as little hands often have difficulty with round knobs.

Theme Ideas

If your bathroom renovation is solely for the kids, think about incorporating a theme, such as the classic “under the sea” featuring mermaids and assorted sea creatures. Other ideas include rubber ducks, favorite cartoon characters, color themes such as pink and blue, pirates, or anything else you know your children love. A themed bathroom is also a way to get your children excited about brushing their teeth, taking baths, etc.


Enjoy making your bathroom(s) more child-friendly by working with the experienced home renovation specialists in Woodland Hills. For more information about bathroom remodeling, please contact Precise Home Builders today.