BACKSPLASHA backsplash adds something special to any kitchen, infusing it with personality and making the space more welcome. If getting ready to remodel and know you want a new backsplash, check out the following ideas before talking to kitchen remodel experts in Glendale:

Recycled Glass Tiles

An eco-friendly backsplash option, recycled glass tiles look fantastic and may be blended to into a number of color schemes.

Ceramic Tile

The classic kitchen backsplash option, ceramic tile allows you to mix and match colors, patterns, and finishes as you see fit. Think solid-color tile paired with fabulously-patterned border tile.

Chalkboard Paint

A fun and fantastic way to liven up your kitchen, a chalkboard paint backsplash makes it easy to write recipes, to-do lists, quotes, and anything else you want in this high-traffic area of the home.

Subway Tile

Another timeless option, subway tile offers a neutral background so you may prominently display other, more colorful items, such as herbs or bowls of fruit.

Single Glass Sheet

Single sheets of glass painted on the back offer contemporary backsplash options. They also provide a nice pop of color, and are very easy to keep clean.

Living Walls

This super-eco-friendly possibility not only adds color and life to your kitchen, it also makes the space healthier. Plants are fantastic air cleaners, after all!

LED Lights

A modern option that allows you to illuminate your kitchen with stunning results, it also provides an effective, low-cost “nightlight.”

Mosaic Tile

There’s plenty you can do with mosaic tile backsplashes, from basic same-color tiles to intricate designs and patterns using an array of hues.


Bamboo backsplashes look earthy and again provide a natural, rustic look.

Slender Tile

Slender, translucent tile are also quite modern, and add something extra to a contemporary kitchen.

Faux Wood

Faux wood backsplashes are an inexpensive yet appealing way to update this oft-used room.


Raised and colorful, INAX wall tiles also provide any kitchen with a modern update.

These are just some of the many fantastic kitchen backsplash possibilities! To discuss Kitchen Backsplash Ideas or kitchen remodel options with a Glendale contractor, please contact Precise Home Builders today.