kitchen island benefitsKitchen renovation encompasses many things, from basic cabinet remodeling to whole-room gutting. If you’ve been chatting with local Arcadia kitchen remodel experts but haven’t decided whether to add an island yet, check out a few benefits:

Additional Workspace

A kitchen island provides the room with sizable workspace, whether it is for extra counter space, a sink, or cooktops. Added counter space from all directions increases kitchen fluidity and makes cooking and baking that much easier. The additional workspace also provides another area of the home to pay bills, set up and work on laptops, and even assorted craft projects.

Additional Storage Space

Extra cabinet space seriously reduces clutter in your kitchen. If you’ve never known what to do with extra pots and pans, cleaning tools, bulky appliances, and other items that live in your kitchen, an island makes it easy to find places for all these things. They can even offer storage for larger items, such as recycling bins.

Additional Seating

Kitchen islands create informal seating areas for casual meals, such as quick breakfast and snacking sessions. They also mean extra seating available to your guests when entertaining, and more space for family members to hang out and enjoy each other, whether eating, chatting about current happenings and projects, or doing homework. 

Additional Mobility

A mobile kitchen island adds versatility to your kitchen, as you can move it as needed, whether creating more floor space or working on a huge cooking or baking endeavor.

Additional Value

Adding an island to your kitchen also helps increase your home’s value. The kitchen is considered the “hub” of the home, and frequently serves as a deciding factor to home buyers. A small, outdated kitchen won’t help your home sell, however a remodeled version featuring a fabulous island is sure to sway buyers in your favor.

With so many types of kitchen islands available, the only trouble you’ll have is deciding which option best suits your needs! Think of your kitchen style and how an island will fit, and discuss the best solution with your local Arcadia kitchen remodeling team.

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