What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear “DIY Kitchen Remodeling?” Your first instinct may be to run away screaming. But DIY Kitchen Remodeling does not have to be scary. I went and talked to several contractors’ at Precise Home Builders and they allayed my fears of anything that starts with “DIY“.

“I have been a contractor for nineteen years, and can tell you from experience that there is a lot that you, the homeowner, can do yourself when remodeling your kitchen. With the following hints and tricks, you too can play a major part in your kitchen renovation, thus saving both time and money.”

Here are some tips I picked up at my visit to Precise Home Builders.

Kitchen Design

The first thing you need to do is have a kitchen design in mind for your new space. Where will the appliances like the Tips and Tricks for DIY Kitchen Remodeling stove and dishwasher go? Do you want to add more counter space, perhaps an island? What about new flooring? What materials, such as granite or stainless steel, do you want to use? Most home stores have a person on staff to help you with this planning, or you can purchase software programs that help you with the planning. There are even some websites that can help with planning your kitchen design completely free of charge. Have this plan completed before moving on to the next step of your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Demolition

So you have a design in mind, and have priced the materials you are going to need for your new kitchen. Next comes the demolition. Demolition is when you remove the old parts of the kitchen such as old countertops, cabinets, soffits, baseboards and flooring. All this can be done by you before the contractors are called in. It will take some elbow grease; demolition can be dusty, dirty work but in the end you may find it very satisfying. Doing the demolition yourself gives you the advantage of saving you money, and gives the contractors a clean slate to work with, allowing them to get to work right away installing your new kitchen components. Local dumps and landfills will take your old materials, usually for a small fee or in some cities it is free with proof of address, or your contractor may haul away your stuff for you if you ask in advance.

Kitchen Painting

Painting can be hired out, of course, but it is much cheaper to do it yourself. All you need is painter’s tape, trim brushes, paint and rollers, and white or clear caulking to finish off the edges. Doing the painting yourself may take a little more time, but will save you lots of money in the long run.

Before and After

Whatever you do, be sure to take good before and after photos of your kitchen. This is one of the most rewarding parts of remodeling, especially when you can say you did parts of it yourself. DIY Kitchen Remodeling can be a very rewarding experience! The key is finding a contractor that will work with you, and through teamwork, you can have the kitchen of your dreams and still stay on budget!

If you need a contractor that has years of experience remodeling and knows how to work on a budget call Precise Home Builders We can help you with your next kitchen remodel, from design to construction. Call (800) 805-0692