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Precise Home Builderskitchen remodeling Encino services has been the first choice of homeowners since 1987. Encino, California is one of the most iconic places in the San Fernando Valley, alas it was made iconic thanks in large part to “Encino Man”. Encino has a lot more to offer than Pauly Shore’s stand-up comedy though. Encino, California is one of the best neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley. Gorgeous homes, great schools, easy access to the rest of Los Angeles, and never ending references to a 1992 Pauly Shore movie. If you own a home in Encino don’t let your kitchen get stuck in the Ice Age like Brendan Fraser’s comedic caveman. Protect the value of your home and upgrade your kitchen.

Our kitchen remodeling Encino team specializes in taking old kitchens out of the Ice Age and bringing them into the Modern Age. Precise Home Builders knows the best renovations and fix-ups to give your kitchen a look that will last for years. Our kitchen remodels are also affordable, so you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a beautiful kitchen. We’re your complete kitchen renovation solution.

Can I Afford a Modern Kitchen Remodel?

Yes, you can afford a modern kitchen remodel when you use our kitchen remodeling Encino service. The main reason most people never remodel or renovate their kitchens is price. The common misconception is that a modern makeover is way out of everyone’s price range. The truth, however, is that almost anyone can afford a kitchen remodel.

First, you need to look at a kitchen renovation as less of an expense and more of an investment in your home. When you ask realtors what the Number 1 thing you can do to increase the value of your home is, 9 out of 10 of them will say, “Remodel your kitchen.” Remodeling now protects and increases the value of your home.

Secondly, our kitchen remodeling Encino team is committed to making makeovers affordable for every homeowner. Precise Home Builders has a wide network of suppliers. This means we can get you wholesale prices on most fixtures and construction materials. Those are savings we pass on to you. We also do everything ourselves. Precise Home Builders keeps everything, from design to construction, in-house. You never have to deal with subcontractors and you never have to pay extra for subcontracted labor.

We also offer remodeling financing for qualified homeowners. You can either talk to one of our kitchen remodeling Encino estimators or click here to find out more.

How Long Does a Modern Kitchen Renovation Take?

On average, a modern kitchen renovation takes 18 days, when you use our kitchen remodeling Encino company. In a little over two weeks, you can have a brand new kitchen. Compare an 18-day kitchen remodel to the glacial pace of other kitchen makeover companies, and you instantly see why people choose Precise Home Builders.

Where Do I Find the Best Modern Kitchen Remodeling Company?

You’ve found the best kitchen remodeling Encino company; Precise Home Builders. We bring twenty years of experience and know-how to every construction job. We offer complimentary 3D design and have a complete staff of designers to help you build a modern kitchen. So if you are ready to bring your kitchen out of the Stone Age, call Precise Home Builders today for free consultation.

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