A room addition is a daunting experience. Yes, we do sometimes outgrow our houses. To be quite frank it is in many cases easier to sell this home and purchase another instead of doing a home addition. Keep in mind that your feelings of your need for more space may not be alleviated by the addition of a room. If you need the addition for a very special reason then that’s a different story.

Room additions affects the rest

Also when you are considering a room addition don’t forget how it affects the rest of the house. Will the new room require being tied into the existing systems in the home? Are you going to hook to the current plumbing, electrical and could that overload those systems? These things do matter and you must take them into consideration.

Another thing to think about is the cost. The cost of the addition could range $25-50,000. Depending on where you live that could go up as high as $100,000. Most of the time the larger you go actually brings the cost down per square foot. Many lenders who have the original loan on the home will refinance to include the addition if you ask. Also don’t forget that you will most likely have to change your homeowners insurance as well to cover the added worth of the addition.

There will be inconveniences you need to be aware of as well. First of all there will be a lot of noise during the day. If you (or someone) is home during the day they will have to deal with that. If it’s a kitchen remodel where will you be eating during the construction? Do you have pets and what will you do with them? See, lots of things will be taking place and you will have to deal with all of them. Wouldn’t hurt to speak with your remodeler and see what is going to happen and how you can work it out.

Lastly, how will the room actually tie onto the house? You definitely want it to look like it is part of the main structure. How will the roof connect to the existing roof? How about the type of siding you have now and how will this attach to that? Will you be able to find windows and doors that match what you currently have? All of these questions need to be answered and to make your home look right in the end they have to be dealt with.

As you can see a room addition is still a daunting task. It can be done but you need to make sure you get the right people to complete the work so your home stays as beautiful as it is now when you are done with the addition.