Room Addition Sherman Oaks, CA


The pleasure of having an extra room in the house doesn’t have to be a luxury. With room additions Sherman Oaks solutions that we at Precise Home builders offer you this can be a very affordable possibility. With our cost effective solutions and in house experts we can make a room addition for you in no time at all.

Why Choose Us?

We will first draw up a plan for your room additions Sherman Oaks requirements. This is a computerized plan in 3D that we will work on and once approved we will give you a detailed copy along with a payment schedule and a completion date for the room additions Sherman Oaks project.

We source all the supplies and materials from our network of dealers and manufacturers. These suppliers also maintain the standard of quality that we require. With the supplies always available there are no delays in the completion of the work.

We have a team of experts who can take on any job that the project requires. With plumbers, electricians, painters, architects etc we are able to give a customer a complete deal. Our solutions remove any unnecessary additions to the design and maintain the affordable cost of the room addition work.

All the work is done as per the compliance city codes requirements. No major structural work is carried out without the site engineer approving and is also started after the required approval from the authorities is met. Even any major changes in electrical work or the plumbing requires specific permission which we ensure.

Sherman Oaks Room Addition and Remodeling Company

Visit our photo gallery at our site at This gallery has pictures of many of our completed room additions Sherman Oaks jobs and if there is a design that you like then we can customize that for you within your area. Our customer service team is also available 24×7 and will be able to answer any of your queries. Call them at 1-800-805-0692 for a free consultation.

We are fully insured and we also offer our customers some finance options. The details for these are also available online or with the customer service representative. Our estimates are among the best in the room additions Sherman Oaks industry and with our expertise of over 2 decades you can’t go wrong.

We are conscientious when it comes to the room additions Sherman Oaks work that we do. Everything is well maintained and neat. The work for the day is planned so that no area of the house needs to be open and unattended at the end of the day. We also ensure that the area is cleaned up professionally before it is handed over to the client.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. Fill out our contact form or give us a call directly: (800) 805-0692