I actually remodeled my kitchen recently and there were several things that I did to change it up. Before my kitchen had white cabinets with all white appliances. Even the walls were white. This is how it was done when I bought the home. All the white had to go; it was just to much.

The first thing I did was rip out all the cabinets that were in the kitchen. The room looked completely empty when I was done. Then I went out and got all new cabinets. I picked out cabinets that I knew I could fill up easily and would help me have a very organized kitchen. The type of cabinets were very plain. I actually had to stain them to get them the color I wanted. This was a much cheaper and easier option to do. I picked out granite tops for the counter tops as well to match the theme I was going for.

The next thing I did was go out and bought all appliances that were black. I loved the black and thought it stood out. I even painted the walls in the kitchen a dark red. This really made the appliances stand out. This is just some tips that you may want to use as well for remodeling your kitchen. It’s a very fun process and can change the room entirely. All you need is a plan on the type of color theme you are going for and the rest is simple to pick out.