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For the best kitchen remodeling Pasadena, CA services homeowners have relied on Precise Home Builders for 25 years or more. We love the elegant, classic homes found in Pasadena, California. These homes are some of the oldest in Southern California. When someone buys a home in Pasadena they are buying a piece of history. Everyone wants a kitchen designed especially for them, but Pasadena residents also want a kitchen remodel that honors the tradition of their home.

The goal of Precise Home Builders is to provide you with an elegant, classic kitchen renovation that will last the test of time. Just like the rest of your home in Pasadena. Our kitchen remodeling Pasadena team is committed to bringing our customers the best renovations services possible. We do all the work ourselves and never use subcontracted labor. Precise Home Builders has deep relationships with suppliers and wholesalers so we can get our customers discounts on fixtures and construction materials. So if you want to remodel your kitchen call Precise Home Builders today.

What Kind of Style Should I Use When I Remodel Your Kitchen?

You should remodel your kitchen in a style that fits your home, and our kitchen remodeling Pasadena team can help you decide what that style should be. Precise Home Builders has a style just for you.

Whether you want a kitchen that fits right into the traditional, pre-war style of your Pasadena home, or a kitchen that stands out with clean lines and ultra-modern appliances, our kitchen remodeling Pasadena team can make that kitchen happen.

Precise Home Builders has a large network of wholesalers. One of the largest networks in Southern California. So, our kitchen remodeling Pasadena can help you find the perfect cabinet, the perfect countertops, the perfect flooring, and the perfect appliances and fixtures.

We are going to give you the kitchen you want and kitchen you deserve.

Why Should I Choose Precise Home Builders for My Next Kitchen Remodel?

You should choose Precise Home Builders for your kitchen remodeling Pasadena because we are a different kind of remodeling company and offer a different kind of remodeling experience. Why is Precise Home Builders different from the rest? We everything in-house. Everything.

A kitchen remodel often starts with a dream, “What would my kitchen look like If?” We have a staff of in-house kitchen remodeling Pasadena designers that can take those idle daydreams and turn them into something close to reality.

Our design team uses the very latest in 3D Computer Imagining Technology. This allows our kitchen remodeling Pasadena experts and our customers to pre-visual their dream kitchen before it is ever built. Customers can preview different looks for their kitchen before one appliance is bought and one inch of flooring has been laid down.

Once the design has been approved by our customers, Precise Home Builders assigns a project manager to that kitchen renovation project. Our project managers handle one job at a time, and are solely dedicated to your kitchen remodel.

Your kitchen remodeling Pasadena project manager will shepherd you and your kitchen through the renovation process. At Precise Home Builders we are dedicated to making kitchen remodeling a smooth and simple process. We can’t guarantee that it will be as simple as picking out a new toaster, but we can guarantee that you’ll love your new kitchen in the end.

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