At some point in time, a house may be considered to be too small for a homeowner. More room may be needed due to the arrival of a new baby, an elderly parent that can’t live alone, or other reasons.

The first consideration is to decide what kind of a room needs to be added. Will it be a bedroom, a family room, man cave, garage, or some other kind of room? The sizeRoom Additions Design of the room should be taken into account and where it will be attached/added to the outside of the existing structure. The size of the lot may hinder an addition being attached to one or more sides of the house due to building codes in the community that determines/limits the distance a structure can be built from the lot line of the property.

Depending on what type of room is designed, how the room is to be accessed should be seriously considered. If the addition is poorly designed, with an awkward access from the rest of the house, it might be declared to have an “incurable depreciation,” according to real estate brokers, because the cost to correct the floor plan will decrease the market value. This will be important if the house is put up for sale in the future.

The services of an architect/draftsman should be obtained for advice regarding the issues that go into planning an addition. Some blueprints can be drawn after critical decisions have been made. Several quotes from addition builders and contractors regarding the approximate cost/time it will take to construct the addition, based on the blueprints and specifications, a decision can be made whether it will be affordable or not to start the project.

Once a general contractor has been chosen and a contract signed, before the construction can begin, a permit from the city/county must be purchased. When a permit is issued, an inspector will be assigned to the project. The inspector will make sure the structure/addition is built according to the specifications set forth in the blueprints.

Adding an addition to a home can be cost-effective and can raise the value of a home. It eliminates the need to sell a house and buying another home in an unfamiliar neighborhood, leaving friendly neighbors behind, in order to obtain more room.

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